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You got a great future behind you


You got a great future behind you

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"North is seriously the cutest baby ever" by Anonymous


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+ Yet another magazine bows down to Kim’s style.

Yet another magazine bows down to Kim’s style.

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"Is it bad that I absolutely idolize Kim and Kanye and want a relationship just like theirs?" by Anonymous

who does not want want a relationship like KimYe ? - Soph

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VIDEO: Kim and Kendall buying magazines yesterday 4/22/14

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"I want Kimye to have more babies. So more beautiful people will roam this planet." by Anonymous

Me too! They need to have another one soon-Maci

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"To be fair Bruce doesn't seem to like any of the girls' boyfriends. Idk if he doesn't like them or if he's too protective of his girls and it comes off a little standoffish." by Anonymous

Every father is protective about his daughter , there is nothing wrong with that , he loves his daughters and he just want the best for his girls but I do agree with you that sometimes he is a little too protective but it is cause he loves his daughters so much  - Sophia

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"I really love Hali!! Such a great decision adding her on as an admin :) <3" by efftoast

Yes , we love her too :) - Sophia

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"R u obsessed with Kim?" by Anonymous

I have a blog about her….-Maci

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"This is on about Kanye cleaning Kim's closet but I disagree with you. I feel like kim had such good style, yeah Kanye is involved in fashion but so is Kim? Idk I feel like it's a very personal opinion but I think the majority of Kim's clothing has got worst since Kanye. It's not bad but I prefer how she used to dress etc" by Anonymous

That’s fine to disagree because fashion taste is so subjective. I personally think Kim’s style has evolved for the better. She has access to some of the worlds most talented designers through Kanye and she’s using that.  Here are some links to interesting articles about her style. - Hali

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"I love the Kardashians. They're so beautiful. Every single on of them <3. Mama Kris did make trophies ^.^" by ezzydoesit


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+ I woke up like dis

I woke up like dis

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"Why was kim and kendall buying all those magazines today??,," by iputthisplanetonmyback

I don’t know but they were filming so I guess we’ll find out! -Hali

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"Fave song from Watch The Throne?" by Anonymous

'No Church in the Wild' I love Frank Oceans voice and the overall vibe of the song. - Hali

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